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Donations - Our organization runs entirely on the generosity of people just like you! 100% of all donations received go towards offsetting the costs associated with providing a fully trained and vetted Service Dog for deserving individuals as well as raising awareness of what we do. We accept donations in memory/honor of individuals as well as donations of dog food, dog toys, dog collars, dog leashes, and supplies.

Thank you for your support!

Ladies of Eastern Star: 

We can never thank you enough for all your support for us! You have truly made a huge difference especially in this year of Covid!

Amazon - You can also support us by checking out your purchase at at this link below. Amazon will donate 5% of the money you spent on your purchase to our non-profit. And again, Thank you for your support!

And, yes, we always accept straight donations to help us to support our veterans. You can find the paypal button at the top of this page as well as at the bottom of our home page and other pages.  Since we are an all volunteer organization your money does not go to the salary of any Board Member or trainer.

Dog Donations - Yes, we do take in dogs, but only if we have a handler to pair them with and if they pass our temperament test. We are not a rescue or foster organization. We do not have the facilities to care for dogs or puppies that do not have a forever home with a handler. It is a grateful gesture and we appreciate every dog that we receive.

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