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Brothers and Sisters is VERY PROUD to announce that they have combined their efforts with Doggoneexpress out of New Orleans. Dog Gone Express is an excellent program that utilizes Prisoners to train Shelter Dogs basic obedience in order to prepare them to enter the second stage of becoming a Service Dog or Therapy Dog through our program.

At the beginning of the 2014 year, Phil got into contact with William "Bill" Barse the founder and director of Doggoneexpress, Inc., about combining their causes. William "Bill" Barse started Doggoneexpress to help shelter/rescue dogs and training them into Service dogs for our veterans in the state of Louisiana. Barse has experience in wildlife rescue and dog training to assist the Humane Society of Louisiana in their anti-abuse work. Phil spoke to Barse on many of occasions about both of their programs. Phil and the board together decided this was a way to help our shelter/rescue dogs (which we have always been a firm believer in) and our Veterans and ADSM with the support of our locals.

After the decision was OFFICIALLY made to partner up, we met Zeke.

Zeke, a 1 year old shelter dog, came into the program from a shelter to the prison program "From the Dog House, to the Big House." On November 4, 2013. He was partnered with his prisoners for a grueling 6 week program, called "CATS" (Canine Assessment Training Specialist Programs). The program follows the basic commands and , you can't forget, a special trick to show off his personality. Zeke was a the star of his class, he showed the personality and love to be a service dog. He graduated his basic classes in December 2013 and carried on for further training within Doggoneexpress for assist/service dogs.

Patrick (a current ADSM) was paired with Zeke and is currently furthering their training and bonding. Patrick is so excited to have his new battle buddy by his side. They make an excellent team. Patrick and Zeke have a new "leash" on Life.

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