Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training, Inc. - Training Service Dogs for Active Duty Military and Veterans with PTSD, TBI, and MST
Temperament Testing

Brothers and Sisters In Arms Dog Training has developed two different type tests for temperaments. One for puppies (8 weeks to 11 months old) and one for adult dog (11 months to 3 years of age). 

In these "temperament tests," the dogs will be tested to see if they have the correct temperament that we are looking for in a service dog (how do they react to a new place, do they retrieve, etc.) The dogs will be tested in order to better prevent any problems in the future for the dog and its handler so that the pair is ready from the start.

It is known that we TRY to pull our service dogs from shelters, however, that is not always the case. We sometimes can not find the most suitable dog in the shelter, size may be a problem or the breed may be wrong. 

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