Brothers and Sisters in Arms Dog Training, Inc. - Training Service Dogs for Active Duty Military and Veterans with PTSD, TBI, and MST
Inspiration Page

This page contains songs, poems, and images that serve to keep us inspired to keep doing what we do.  Some demonstrate the demons that individuals with PTSD must fight daily. 

by Peter Barclay

We have no missing arms or legs and our wounds aren't
seen by the naked eyes, but our pain is just as real and
as deep as any piercing bullet or shrapnel that others incurred.

But we do the best we can to find our own bandage to
cover up the pain, whether it is drugs, alcohol and
some take the easy way out by suicide,
and you might say why?

But the truth is, to most we are still the same but we are
forever changed and when we are broken down
shaking, and we can't be as strong as you want us to be...

We smile when the pain comes, because when it hurts 
that's how we know we are still alive.

You will never see our wounds or feel as we feel
but the pain is still real.

Stephen Cochran- Pieces

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